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My First 40 Days on the AT

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

Written by 2017 Grounds Keeper Kris Rolla

The journey so far has been amazing. I feel so strong and healthy. I have been on the trail for 40 days, hiked about 353 miles and packed out 36 pounds of trash so far.

The views have been absolutely incredible. I have seen a ton of wildlife and wildflowers! That's been the best part of the journey so far! I do also love that the weather, terrain and views are completely different everyday. It really keeps things interesting.

I average about 14-16 miles a day. My pack is about 35 pounds not including the trash I find throughout the day. I mostly find cans, cigarette butts, plastic and forgotten clothing. It feels so good to be out here cleaning up the trail!

I have been trying to eat as healthy as I possibly can on the trail. My diet consists of a bunch of cliff bars, trail mix, peanut butter, crackers and dried fruit. I have not cooked any food in the last three weeks and I feel healthier then ever.

I see so many more people going north everyday. I love learning all about their adventures on the Appalachian Trail. They always have some really wacky trail name. They did give me the name "mother of dragons".

I look forward to leaving Pennsylvania. It has been super rocky and has had really limited water. I am excited to get to Virginia. I here I'll fall in love!

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