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Introducing our 5th class of Grounds Keepers!

Meet this year's team of 22 dedicated individuals who are leaving our wild places better.

The 2021 Grounds Keepers team is a combination of 20 diverse new hikers and paddlers and two "Home Team" Legacy GKs in Minnesota who have been rockstars for the program in years past. New for 2021, we have selected 10 regions to focus our efforts on and have picked two GKs for each of those select regions. There will be a grand prize for the team of two who pick up the most trash in 2021! As always, our goal is to remove as much trash as possible from our trails, parks, waterways, and lakes around the world (we have two international GKs this year).

When trash is in our wild places, it is everyone's responsibility. We ask you to tag @TheGroundsKeepers and use #LeaveItBetter or #TheGroundsKeepers when you get outside and pick up trash. We like to share the love!

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