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A Morning Routine on the Appalachian Trail

Updated: Feb 13, 2018

By Kris Rolla, @WandersToWonder

It is such an incredible feeling to be woken up by the sun and not some sinister sounding alarm clock. Achy and groggy the sun rays reluctantly entice me from my slumber. I know once I start moving I will feel much better.

I roll out of my tent and take a deep breath in. I like to stretch and do some yoga before I pack up my things. This helps me limber up and work out any tightness from the day before. My yoga/meditation routine also helps center my mind for the journey ahead. I have actually been using my sleeping pad as a yoga mat and it's been working great! 

As I pack up my belongings I take care to ensure everything is in it's proper place.  Each day I have been packing up my camp faster and faster. With my bag packed, I stash some fruit bars in my pockets for easy access and I'm on my way. I take one last quick look at my map and smile with the thoughts of what's to come.

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