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52.8 Pounds Removed from PNT

Written by Grounds Keeper Sam Kaelin

On August 13, 2017 I completed the 1,217 mile Pacific Northwest Trail. While on trail, I found all sorts of cool things (read: trash). A lot of the PNT was actually incredibly clean (such as the GNP, NCNP, and ONP), but other parts were closer to civilization and a lot more used and abused. The primary correlation was areas with motor access such as forest roads and ATV tracks.

Often on a forest road, I would begin to pick up trash and within an hour all my trash bags would fill - and I would be stuck carrying full bags and not picking up trash until my next resupply. Definitely carrying more extra bags could've helped me to be more effective.

I found mostly cans and bottles, some hubcaps and tires as well. Shotgun shells were a constant presence, and in a few cases found things that were too big too carry, like an old car frame, iron train wheels or plow. There was a surprising amount small rusted propane cans, and of course the nature valley bar rappers.

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